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Focus on what matters most
The key objective of every business is to make profit through its delivery of product(s) or service(s) to the market. Every other business activity is a facilitator of this key objective. Kashia helps you focus on your primary assignment of excellent service or product delivery to customers by managing all your transactional activities.

Here is what you can expect

Structured Operations
Put a structure to your operations and save time from routine task.
Your business can now be evaluated by an investor or lender for financial support.
Data Security
Secure your business information from unwanted parties and physical destruction
24/7 Access to Information
See your business information anytime and anywhere.
Brand Visibility
Your business interactions are better organized to appeal to your customers
Enhanced Decision Making
Use Kashia business insights and reports to make better decisions.
Book Keeping
Kashia simplifies the process of recording your business activities and helps you track your daily sales and expenses. Your days of recording sales and expenses using sheets of paper are over, it’s time to go digital with Kashia!
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Inventory Management
Imagine having the right stock, at the right levels, in the right place, at the right time and at the right cost! Kashia helps you ensure there is enough goods or materials to meet demand without creating overstock, or excess inventory.
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Business Reports
One of the benefits of using Kashia for your business is access to business reports that give you insights as to how well your business is doing and how to stay profitable. Getting these business reports are like going for medical check-up, they keep you updated as to the actual state of your business.
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Kashia helps business owners create and send custom invoices to customers with just a few clicks. As a business owner, you enjoy the speed that comes with being able to generate invoices for payments to ensure customers are not kept waiting.
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Tax Liability Management
With Kashia, we ensure you are on the right side of the law by keeping your Tax books up to date. You also have access to Tax consultants who will guide you through it all to ensure you obtain your complete tax papers.
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Customer follow up
With Kashia, you are on top of your customer payments. You can follow up with customers to ensure payments are not delayed.
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